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Bowling Week 1 Division 2

Bowling Starts Friday June 28th 2019 at 7pm

Machine Set-up

  1. Push the start button (Red Button)
  2. Select number of players
  3. Push start button (Red Button)
  4. Select stats bowling
  5. Push start button (Red Button)
  6. Select Classic Bowling
  7. Push start button (Red Button)
  8. Select three (3) game series
  9. Push start button (Red Button)
  10. Select a lane (Any Lane)
    1. Score-High Lanes
    2. Metro Lanes
    3. Kingpins Lounge
  11. Push start button (Red Button)
  12. Swipe your Silver Strike Player Card
  13. Insert money ($6.00 a player) into Silver Strike Bowling machine
  14. Start bowling, Good Luck
  15. Once your player is on the lane; you must hit the (Red Button) to customize your bowler or change player information (Add Player Name here) If you use a nick name please make sure that I have your first and last name for the stat sheet.

** There will be no refunds for matches being set up incorrectly. If your scores do not show up in the Facts Live Program you will also receive zero (0) points for the week. **